First Day of #Afterschool

The Hip After School Scholars program began September 4, 2018. On the first day of class each of the 85 students enrolled received a free mesh backpack filled with school supplies. Each backpack was equipped with calculators, crayons, erasers, glue pencil pouches, lead pencils, pens, scissors and spiral notebooks.

The backpacks and supplies were the result of a Rotary grant submitted and received by Abby Hartz, who submitted the grant request while she was a senior at Hazleton Academy of the Sciences. She selected the supplies for each backpack with the assistance of Marie Ernst, Principal. Abby was a member of the 2018 Communities that Care, (CTC) Student Outreach Committee. Abby is currently a freshman at Georgetown University.

 AS w backpacks

Caption under the photo: Abby Hartz is shown giving backpacks to HIP Afterschool scholars along with Elaine Maddon Curry, Program Director.

#Basketball #Basics

The children had a fun time, at our #Week 3 of HIP Summer Camp. Where they learned basuc skills for the sport of Basketball! #BallisLife. 

Lego Club

20180712 1411250

Summer campers worked for two days to complete this intricate spacecraft.

  Seated: Erick Hoagerwerff, Alan Santos, Jacob Reyes, Gabriel Tejada

  Standing: Imija Love- Lucas, Edward Soto, Elvin Guillen


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Several years ago we introduced the Hazleton Integration Project (#HIP) as a catalyst for positive change in our area. We believed that whatever differences exist between the people who now call Hazleton home are far outweighed by the common sense of humanity that binds us together.


American Creed

"Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David M. Kennedy teams up with his Stanford University colleague Condoleezza Rice to investigate the idea of a unifying American creed.Their thorny, cross-partisan inquiry frames the stories of activists, each of whom is striving to realize his or her own vision of America‚Äôs promise across a deep divide documentary by Citizen Film." 

American Creed Pic.jpg


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