In #HOCC we have various areas in which your skills can be utilize, like: classroom aid, event coordinator, reading participant, instructor, athletic assistant, etc. Give us a call at (570)861-8081 and ask. Remember we are here for the kids and the community, so whatever time and skills can be used to support #HIP we will be glad to take. 


We accept Work-Study students, looking to help the community, their organization and themselves. Just call us at (570)861- 8081, and we will be in contact with you. You just need to fill out a volunteers form and we will gladly use your skills, talent to keep servicing Hazleton.

Mature Worker Program

We accept applications for the Mature Worker Program. Where we will gladly help you integrate into the workforce once again. Just contact us at (570)861-8081 and fill out the Adult Volunteer application.



We accept applications/cases for Reemployability. Contact Mr. Ben Medina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to coordinate. All volunteers will need to fill out an Adult Volunteer form.

Mandated Service

We accept Mandated Service only if applied by state or court order. We work together with your schedule, and make sure all requirements are met. Call our center for more information at (570)861-8081 and fill out the adult or young adults volunteer form.

Community Hours

If you have any hours required, like: confirmation hours, community service hours, job requirement hours, etc. Call the center at (570) 861-8081 and someone will contact you with adjustments. Please fill out the adult or young adult volunteer form.


All Volunteers: Work-study Participants, Mature Worker Participants,Reemployability Workers, Mandated Service, Community Hours, will have to go through a BACKGROUND CHECK. Work will not be permmitted until the Background check clears. Keep in mind that we are a community center that serves children, thus the Background check, NO EXCEPTIONS!

All Volunteers will need to fill out the:

  • Adult Volunteer Form
  • Young Adult Volunteer Form

Keep in mind, more information will be required. Call the center for more information or questions at (570)861-8081.