Hazleton One After School Scholars Program: Virtual Tutoring

Afterschool scholars in 4th through 6th grade are invited to participate in the Virtual Tutoring program, a partnership with Penn State University's College of Education. Each HIP scholar is partnered with a pre-service teacher from Penn State - University Park who is training to become a certified teacher in Pennsylvania. The tutors and scholars meet once per week for one hour for a total of 18 weeks throughout the academic year. During tutoring sessions, the Penn State tutors assist scholars with their homework and other school assignments in addition to leading educational activities that demonstrate research-based competencies for supporting language learners across the academic curriculum. Once per semester, the Penn State tutors travel to the Hazleton One Community Center to work with their HIP scholar(s) for one-on-one tutoring and enrichment. Likewise, the HIP scholars travel to Penn State University - University Park to spend a "day in the life of a college student." During this trip, scholars have the opportunity to attend college classes in Education and Modern Languages, visit the campus museums, attend a literacy program in the College of Education library, dine in the campus dining halls, visit the Lion Shrine, and engage in one-on-one enrichment with their Penn State tutor(s). The Penn State tutors participate in the program through enrollment in a 3-credit course in Curriculum & Instruction.

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2017 Semester. If interested dont hesitate to contact the Hazleton One Community Center.

After School Scholars Application