Undocumented Fears by Jamie Longazel

The Hazleton Integration Project was included in a book, Undocumented Fears. There is a chapter on page 74- 78 where the role of HIP in the community is noted as "One of the clearest examples of this multicultural approach is HIP's emphasis on the potential of children to overcome social conflict", " Children in contrast will 'engage in activities together, the barriers of unfamiliarity will crumble and friendships will form'". Joe Maddon added " When the kids come [to the community center], the parents will [also] come and hopefully all that superficial nonsense will go away. It starts with the kids."

Dont hesitate  to read an incredible book based on Sociology, Political Science, Public Policy and Immigration Studies.

undocumented Fears


Bringing Case Studies to Life Through Virtual Tutoring

Our very own Education Director, Andrea Kolb and our Program Director, Elaine Maddon Curry were involved with several others; Kayla Hack, and Carla Zembal- Saul on a Research Project that highlighted the use of Virtual Tutoring. Virtual Tutoring started as an idea and has now become a crucial element in our After School Scholars Program, our students have increased significantly in their academia. The program itself continues to be modified and increased to provide better positive results. 



Study Examines City's changes in Immigration, Education

The Hazleton One Community center was part of research that was presented at a conference in Chicago.

Megan Hopkins, assistant professor of education at Penn State University’s main campus in State College, and Andrea Kolb, education coordinator at the community center, along with Bob Curry, founding president of Hazleton Integration Project (HIP), and Elaine Curry, HIP program director, presented the poster outlining the research.

The research examined the area’s dramatic increase in immigrant population and how educators adapted to the increase in multicultural students. Hopkins and Kolb chose to study Hazleton because it has had such great change in recent years........

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research 1From left are Elaine Maddon- Curry, Hazleton Integration Project (HIP) Program Director; Andrea Kolb, Education Coordinator at the Hazleton One Community Center; Megan Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Education at Penn State University's main campus; and Bob Cury, Founding President of HIP, with the poster outlining the research they presented

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