HIP Mission & Vision


The Hazleton Integration Project’s mission is to provide educational, cultural and athletic opportunities for economically disadvantaged children. Under the guidance of Chicago Cubs Manager and Hazleton native, Joe Maddon, we will continue to operate the Hazleton One Community Center with programming designed to engage our children in wholesome activities while fostering trust and respect among all of our region’s ethnic cultures.



Recognizing that we are now and have always been a country strengthened by the contributions of diverse cultures, we endeavor to help create and maintain an atmosphere that will serve to unify the varied cultures of the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and thus keep our area vibrant and relevant.

Across our country forward-thinking cities and states are recognizing their futures lay in embracing the benefits of the rapidly expanding multicultural population. The areas that have been successful are those that have been progressive in constructing business plans that are inclusive of our nation’s growing Hispanic community. We recognize our own city demographics are a part of this national trend, and as such we intend to focus our efforts toward making positive contributions to our city’s future.